What is the punishment to operate as a dentist without license?

When going to the doctor, more often than not we overlook the professional’s background, as we are certain that they have gone under all the proper studies and procedures, in order to get their title, license, or whatever they might need in order to practise as a doctor. However, what would happen if the professional any of us attended had any certification? What if it expired or it was fake all along? What would we, as the victims, have to do, and what would be their punishment for such a grave crime? Let’s take a look and discover for ourselves.

We will take dentists as an example, but it is safe to say that most of this should apply for any professional in the health industry. For a professional to practise as a dentist, it does not matter which state we are talking about, the first thing one needs to do is to obtain a license from an authorized entity, whether it is public or private, but it has to be authorized by the state governing at that time. Of course, each state has its own requirements when it comes to obtaining a dentistry license. Between the educational aspects and the standards that one state could require an aspiring dentist ( cliquez ici ) in order to become a professional, it is hard to make a general rule. But if I had to set one, it would be that no matter in which state you find yourself in, you must have some sort of educational diploma that proves that you are fit for the job.

While each state has slightly different requirements, you will not be able to obtain a dentistry license, at least legally, if you are convicted of any crime, felony is a strong example. Keep in mind that any time anyone engages in any dishonest or illegal activity regarding dentistry, that person can be denied a license by the state board. As with other professions that have an impact on health and well-being of others, the dental profession is tightly regulated by each state. Anyone who wishes to practise as a dentist must be ready to cooperate with laws, regulations and any other kind of rules that the state enforces, in order to be allowed to do so. Despite this differences in requirements, remember that all states equally make it a crime to practice dentistry without having a license.

The severity of the punishment is what will most likely vary.  It is enough to commit the unlawful practice of dentistry simply by holding yourself out to the public and spouting that you are qualified to perform dental procedures just like a dentist when you clearly cannot, or at least you are not allowed to. You can be convicted of the unlawful practice of dentistry if you rent office space and advertise your services as a dentist. Now you might be thinking ‘then they will just spread it by mouth and do it at home’ and to that I say it still is illegal and punishable. You are not allowed to tell others that you are a dentist and that you cannot offer advice or services, or anything that could imply that you are a licensed dentist, dental surgeon, or any other speciality. This is not to say that, should you be an aspiring dentist, you cannot give advice to someone if you are able to detect any anomaly in their mouth (without deep checking) such as the likes of dental decays, but cannot offer any service or give a definitive conclusion without a license.